Lab Partners - Review for Keep Quiet:
B-Side Rock

Lab Partners
Keep Quiet (Reverb)

by Nouveautes
(Translated from French)

Veterans of the (decidedly unjustly ignored) American psychadelic breeding grounds with four previous recordings on their resumé, the Lab Partners puts out a new ep, Keep Quiet, which has passing cynical undertones. As the preface of a coming album, this EP seems to constitute an excellent port of entry towards space rock and shoegaze in the style of Spacemen 3 for the Smith couple (Mike and Amy). Accompanied by Mike Volk and Todd Carll, the band has notably toured with BRMC and the Warlocks last year before preparing for this ascent of Everest.

It is thus Keep Quiet and its good mood, with a "let's play in the field' tendency starting on the first track which veers discreetly towards grandiose pastel tones. The foursome from Dayton, Ohio nevertheless remain within the pop melodies and spheres distorted by use of the agitation of electricity.

A perfect example, It Don'tTake Much weaves an interminable ascent into the sky spashing all the magnificence that we have the right to expect on such an occasion. That is something to celebrate, dammit! It's all the excess the group deploys that, not only avoids the temptation of falling into a nameless soup, but also gives them this unreal savour/flavor.

The end of the EP stretches itself out in a slow, unremediable sonic track. In the mean time, Clover Eyelids enchants before yeilding the the finale. The ascension "It Don't Take Much" is achieved thus on the first offerings of paradise. Sold Your Soul, slow, very slow preparation for a final shoegaze that outdoes itself. Lovely/Beautiful...