Lab Partners - Review for Keep Quiet:
Dayton Daily News - June 1, 2007

Lab Partners
Keep Quiet (Reverb)
by Don Thrasher

Spacey guitar rave-ups laced with moody keyboards have been Lab Partners stock in trade since forming in Dayton in the late 90's. However, since Wicked Branches in 2005, the quartet once known for extended musical freak outs has been streamlining its sound. That process continues on Keep Quiet, the group's new five-song EP on Portland, Ore.-based Reverb Records.

Where once the songs would've unfurled at a narcotic pace for more than 10 or 12 minutes, with twisting rhythmic changes, soaring guitar solos and trippy synths, today Lab Partners is more focused. The longest song on the EP, It Don't Take Much, clocks in at less than six minutes and most cuts are an economical four minutes or less.

From the outset, Lab Partners' approach is different. Rather than opening with atmospheric guitars or keyboards or a full-band groove, lead cut Keep Quiet opens with leader Mike Smith's vocals before the band crashes in with a driving, psychedelic backdrop. Hey Children opens with a solo acoustic guitar and Smith's hushed vocals before building into a jangly midtempo number.