Lab Partners - Review for Keep Quiet:
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Lab Partners
Keep Quiet (Reverb)
by David Mansdorf

Dayton's Lab Partners have returned to action with "Keep Quiet", a five song EP that adds to their already impressive catalog of space-rock songs. As with the band's past two albums, the music still fits nicely with the guitar-heavy Britpop/Shoegazer mold of bands like Ride, Spiritualized, BRMC, The Verve...etc., however they've added in some 1960's-styled psychedelic touches to the mix. If anything, they've managed to improve on their already solid foundation of melodic songs and killer guitar sounds (I get the feeling their rehearsal room floor is littered with effects pedals), and the resulting songs - especially the crushing epic "It Don't Take Much" - rank among some of their best yet. Consider my appetite for their next full-length (promised for later this year) completely and utterly whetted.