Lab Partners - Review for Keep Quiet:
Skyscraper Magazine

Lab Partners
Keep Quiet ep (Reverb)
by Michael Snyder

Number 25 - Summer 2007

This five-track EP reveals an increased sense of dynamics and subtlety in this spacey, underexposed Dayton, Ohio, indie rock band. With strong songs and expansive layers and textures of guitars and keyboard, this follow-up to 2005's Wicked Branches engages and mesmerizes. Ranging from the swirly-but-punchy title track to slower, more spacious moods, the band pays more attention to smaller details on this release, which follows two full-length albums. Influences seem to range from the twelve-string psychedelia of The Byrds and The Church, to the nineties shoegaze rock of Ride and early Verve, to the droning, narcotic compositions of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized, and the power-packed, Who-stoked disaffection of Swervedriver. Eschewing the bass guitar, Lab Partners manage to fill in the low-end without a hitch. These songs are carefully crafted, melodic, and the production deftly blends the layers of Mike Smith and Mike Volk's guitars with Amy Smith's keyboards. Todd Carll's fluid drumming adds some rhythmic frisson. Keep Quiet is strongly recommended to fans of the above bands and current groups like The Warlocks, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Cobbs, or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, with whom the Lab Partners have toured. This is a great introduction to the band.