Lab Partners - Review for Moonlight Music:
Delusions of Adequacy

April 6, 2010

By Jorge Cepeda

Moonlight Music is the third full-length album by experienced indie-shoegazers Lab Partners. The band took their time making this record, and after one listen, it’s evident that this is a group with more of a swagger and a more commanding sound than on previous releases.

Moonlight Music creates a sort of hypnotic atmosphere; it’s spacey and the tracks intertwine very gently with one another making the album very pleasant. On tracks such as “Strange” and “Solar Storm” one can sense that the production was superb and that the songs were carefully crafted to the last detail. The band from Dayton, OH, sounds very English here (Ride, Spiritualized) yet they create an original sound of melodic guitars and intense effects without ripping anyone off. “Falling from the Sky” has a high-quality organic effect and it sounds like something that could have been on Turn on The Bright Lights (Interpol) as an instrumental song. “Open Your Eyes” is a lustrous and beautiful song very reminiscent of The Church.

Lab Partners have assembled a solid album with Moonlight Music, and while I feel that some of the songs were unnecessarily too long, the music is pleasant enough to keep you listening until the end.