Lab Partners - Review for Moonlight Music:
The Firenote

Monday April 26 , 2010

By Christopher Anthony

Fire Note Says: Absolutely Stellar!

Album Review:
Sometimes waiting offers a high reward and in the case of Dayton, Ohio's Lab Partners new release Moonlight Music - the payoff is huge. The record is the veteran bands first full length in five years (only their third overall) and it gives you a hours worth of indie shoegaze that hits every propulsive groove out of the park. The album aims high and comes through with big moments that will both shake your speakers and impress you with some quiet reserve. The Lab Partners really started to differentiated themselves within the shoegazer genre on 2007's Keep Quiet EP by staying away from the more standard lengthy tracks that go on and on. That direction is reflected here on Moonlight Music, as none of the 14 tracks go beyond the 6 minute mark. This creates a more unique situation as the Lab Partners have the ability to build large sonic soundscapes into shorter more dream pop numbers that are catchy, memorable and simply stellar. What the group has learned over the last ten years is how to ramp a song up but never to lose focus on the vocals or let the pulsing synth bass be the only driving factor in the tracks. This allows for the band to not only have grinding rockers like "Strange" but room to include ballads such as "Every Waking Hour" or even a short folkish number like "Trouble In Your Heart" without ever once breaking the flow of the album or feeling out of place in the tracklisting. Moonlight Music easily ranks as one of the Lab Partners best and it is an album that you can not only get lost in but will enjoy every moment that you are there!