Lab Partners - Review for Wicked Branches:
Mish Mash

Lab Partners
Wicked Branches
Reverb Records
12 song CD

In the intro to Wicked Branches, Lab Partners provides a way for you to clean your musical palate, giving you an open opportunity to begin anew with fresh ears. It's a short atmospheric piece which comes and goes in just under 40 seconds, but it's enough to prep you for the rest of the disc.
The album starts off firmly footed in modern indie rock, but soon moves out into more eclectic fare. The songs never settle into one distinct sound or genre, as they run the gamut of college guitar rock influences. Sometimes they jangle, sometimes they shimmer, and sometimes they just rock with dissonance. The lack of focus isn't a problem, though, as the songs are interesting enough in themselves. If anything, this patchwork makes the band even more endearing, as it's hard to get a handle on them at first glance.

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