Lab Partners - Interview:
Dayton Daily News - Go! Section- Dayton, OH (June 10, 2005)

National Buzz of Dayton Gets New Amplification
By Don Thrasher

Lab Partners, another local band with a new national release, are longtime critics' darlings- but the space rockers haven't achieved the larger success they so rightfully deserve.

Everything could change with the release of Wicked Branches, the group's outstanding new full length on Portland, Ore.-based Reverb Records.

The disc, the follow-up to Daystar from late 2002, was released locally this week and will be available at iTunes next week. The national release date was recently pushed back from June 14 to July 19 after Reverb signed a deal with Ryko Distribution.

"We're excited to have the new album out," singer and guitarist Mike Smith said. "We want people to hear it. We've got a cool new label, and we're excited about that."

Lab Partners -- along with openers Nick Kizirnis and The Lonesome Tumblers -- perform at Canal Street Tavern, 308 E. First St., on Saturday night. Earlier this week the group participated in the CMJ Music Festival in New York (sic: Cleveland).

"One of the cool things about getting on the road is there is this definite mystique about Dayton," guitarist Mike Volk said. "People are like, 'Wow, you're from Dayton, Ohio!' It's really cool because for a small town Dayton has some phenomenal acts come out of here."

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