Lab Partners - Review for Daystar:
Kathodik - Italy


The Ohio is one of those almost anonymous states. To the maximum it can make to come in mind understood them the story collection of Sherwood Anderson (than to say of all those who they speak about ' province americana' without neanche having never leaf through it...... perhaps null) or to public a less literary group of the Breeders di Kim Deal.
To more attention instead it will not be sure escaped the unclassifiable sonorous ferment that is churned under the surface of the state of the Mid-West. I throw here one manciata of experiences that would wide deserve to hold audience seating in the classrooms of court of the printed publication paper with to other truths, to times, frankly illegittime: from the system fondamental rock of the Ten O' Clock Scholar , to the Indian-POP punk of the Let' s Crash to bands indeed valid like Enon , Morella' s Forest and Swearing at Motorists .

Between these, the Lab Partners is one between the more fascinating truths (and not only promised!) Indians-rock of Dayton above all for their rare ability to conjugate old and new. Perfect result of the lucenti fragments between the crash of the sonorità of Jellyfish Kiss and Jacob' s Mouse against the wall shoegazing of the first 90, "Daystar" (exited for the Big Beef Records ) offers beyond seventy minuteren of gorge reconnaissance every psiche-wave. Lab the Partners do not create only pearls folk dream POP (the beautifulst Gold in opening or magnificent the successive Those Things ), reinterpretano also, as in Almost There (a rilettura in key rock of the Primal Scream di Higher Than the Sun with suadenze comes in mind begins them and controlled final bang) or they amuse themselves to suggest as in Still Shine On (imagined the Jesus and riconfezionati Mary Chain like gazzosa effervescente from the stellar bollicine). Nearly always divagano spensieratamente between seas storm wah wah and dreaming immobility like in After Hours ( Moose or He laughs slows down to you) to Furthest from rocking Love nenia infinite and to crepuscolare that multilayer of keyboard and the guitar of guitar/vocalist the Mike Smith of the successive trace is extinguished in gorgheggiare. Interesting and wonderful to this purpose the use of the keyboard of Amy Smith in substitution of an absent low electrical worker of which the given lack is not felt at all the peregrinante lisergico chitarrismo hour in foundation, hour noisedelicamente in Association of Bologna (Telescopes style first period) that it reruns in nearly all the brani.

Many of the brani ones more expand to you remember the expressive intensity of one Kendra Smith or the more cosmic Mazzy Star ( Ocean Floor ) without however minimally intaccare the pregio of the versatilità. Feature this last one that is been worth live they performances to the flank of distant groups also between they which: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club , Joan of Arc , Us Maple or already cited Morella' s Forest. A band that in its small he is able of being already without time.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.
Added: February 12th 2003