Lab Partners - Interview:
Under the Radar Magazine - Issue 4 (2003)

Shoegazing - Present Section
By Marcus Kogler

"We don't hold back," says The Lab Partners main man, Mike Smith. "There is no attempt on our part to make a radio song. We just get into something and keep doing it while recording. Some of our songs are really long."

Although Dayton, Ohio's The Lab Partners have been around since 1998, not until recently have they released their debut album, Daystar. Clocking in at over 73 minutes, Smith wasn't kidding about the long songs. But The Lab Partners debut has enough layers, grooves, and space-rock psychedelics to give bands like BRMC and The Warlocks a run for the effects pedals. The Lab Partners also play without the use of a bass player, leaving all the low end duties to keyboard player, Amy Smith. It's an interesting dynamic.

"We thought about getting a bass player," says Mike Smith. "But we've avoided it because it might be one of those key elements that make us do things a certain way. We find ourselves forced into a different direction because we don't have a bass player."

Smith also went on to describe the theatrics of the Lab Partners' early live shows, in the not so shoegazer friendly Dayton music scene. "We used to play shows at punk rock clubs to these real punk kids. So we would show up and put two amps in the back of the crowd and two amps in front of them and put everything in stereo. Then we would basically swirl their heads off with sound until they got sick. That was our night of being punk for them. But they got into it!"