honeyburn - dayton, oh


(l-r: Mike Smith, Mike Volk, Erin Durbin, Michael Snyder - 1993)

Band Members:

  • Erin Durbin - Bass, Vocals
  • Michael Snyder - Drums
  • Mike Volk - Guitar
  • Michael Smith - Guitar
  • Matt Schulz - Drums

Honeyburn was formed in the summer of 1992 by Michael Snyder and Erin Durbin. Inspired by the late 80s/early 90s shoegazer scene, they began the difficult search for guitar players in the industrial town of Dayton, Ohio. Mike Volk and Mike Smith were recruited from flyers hung up around town. Together they forged a unique wall of sound with the help of Erin Durbin's hushed, beautiful vocals floating overhead. They shared the stage with the likes of Medicine, Sugarplant, King Kong, Swearing at Motorists, Ass Ponys, and Brainiac, They released a cassette tape of recordings in 1994 and followed it up with a split 7 inch with fellow Dayton band, Cigarhead. 1996 brought another 7 inch on Detroit's Trout Records. SpinArt Records took notice of the band and in 1995 added them to a compilation called "Lemon Lime". They were side-by-side with such artists as The Apples In Stereo, Tizzy, Holiday Flyer, and Ultra Cindy. In 1996, Mike Snyder left the band to pursue his master's degree in graduate school out of state. Matt Schulz (now of Enon) came on board as the band's new drummer. The band broke up in late 1996 to pursue other interests.




Honeyburn - Mag


Lo-Fi Recordings

Split 7 inch with Cigarhead

Released 1995


Artwork by Neil Blender


Honeyburn - 5th of July & A Little Less



Trout Records

7 inch

Released 1996

"5th of July"

"A Little Less"

Photograph by Kevin McCarty


Honeburn - SpinArt


SpinArt Records

Lemon Lime Vol. 1 Compilation

Released 1995


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Honeyburn circa 1993 (l-r: Mike Smith, Mike Volk, Erin Durbin, Michael Snyder)
Honeyburn circa 1996 (l-r: Erin Durbin, Mike Volk, Matt Schulz, Mike Smith)
Mike Snyder
Michael Snyder at a recording studio in Dayton 1993.
Mike Volk
Mike Volk recording in Dayton - 1993.
Mike Smith at a recording studio in Dayton - 1993.
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